Switch Gears

Schenider | Acti9 DB

Revolutionary EPDM Gasket ensuring IP43 protection and higher service life. Fast and Easy removal of Gland Plate with reduced number of screws. Plastic Stud for easy and safe removal of Center Plate. Convenient Installation with Common combihead screws for both Centre Plate and Frame. Door earthing to protect against electric shock. Removable chassis (Cassette Type) with fixed N-bar for convenience of wiring and to prevent theft of components at site. N-bar provided with isolated cover to prevent accidental touch during maintenance. Interconnecting FRLS wireset to limit fire damage in case of fault.

Schneider | Low Voltage

The Schneider Electric home control range includes a wide selection of low voltage switches, extension sockets, plus an extensive choice of wireless solutions. Select from smart switches that can be controlled from your smartphone, key fobs that turn lights on and off at a touch of a button, and several options for remote control.